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About us

Enigma Ltd was established in 1992. The company concentrates on production of shoe soles, shoe insoles, welts, shoe heels and shoelaces.

At the present the company produces 3000 pairs of shoe soles and shoe insoles, 5000 metres of welts and 2000 pairs of shoelaces a day.

The founder and the owner of the company is Mr Mihalj Hedes, graduate of engineering, who entered shoe trade in 1992 in previous Yugoslavia.

The company started intensive production in 1994. In the same year we expanded assortment of products for feminine shoe soles and we increased the number of employees.

In 1995 Enigma Ltd would employ 6 employees. In the same year. Enigma Ltd started to cooperate with new line of customers – small shoe producers, who introduce new trends into inland shoe trade.

In 1999 the company expanded production for shoe insoles, welts, shoe heels and shoelaces, what means that the company now produces the whole lower part of shoes and stabilizes its position in inland shoe trade.